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Nsxtat 2017.01.06 08:20 PM

Anyone tried to run on a 1/10th scale off road track?
Anyone tried to run in one of these? I have a VE and these things handle and jump incredibly well. I don't think we would loose too much in straight line speed because most buggy tracks are pretty tight and we wouldn't have to slow down for the corners at all.

There is a indoor off road track near my job. I am wondering if they would even let me run in there on a practice day, but if anyone else has ever tried, I would like to know how did it turn out and what was the reaction like?

joeR6 2018.03.14 05:40 PM

Old thread - but I tried this yesterday.

Mods on my buggy are the atomic chassis reinforcement, x speed motor with the larger pinion gear that comes with the buggy.
Track is a 1/10 off road clay track that is usually dominated by 4wd buggies and trucks (think team associated B6 and Traxxas slash)

Miniz buggy did extremely well! Handled the jumps just fine. Obviously I can’t clear whoops 2-3 at a time like the big trucks can but she kept on running. I was by myself and wouldn’t feel comfortable with other big rigs running around my miniz as they could easily crush it.

Only issue is that bits of clay would accumulate around the tie rods and my steering would bind. Other than that it was a ton of fun!

Nsxtat 2018.05.23 10:44 AM

awesome, thanks for the reply. my "local" track just converted to astro turf. The only thing I am worried about is radio range since i only get around 35 ft with my ex6 and around 75 ft with my kt18. Did you have range issues on your buggy?

fastmax 2018.05.25 11:02 AM

That's really short range. Is your receiver antenna damaged?

Nsxtat 2018.05.27 02:03 PM

Looks fine. Like I said, the range is acceptable with the kt18 but in the ex6, it sucks. I even bought the lipo battery adapter for the remote and run it at 8 volts and the range still sucks. Can you try to run yours a see what ranges you get? At my shop with the kt18 I get about 75 ft before it starts to cut out and it loses complete control at 95ft. Ex6 I get 35 before it cuts off and 55 before I lose complete control.

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