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ScottGTO 2019.03.30 05:25 PM

WTB: Used Readyset MR02, MR03 or AWD
Hey team,
Wanting to get back into hobby after many years. Tried entering back in last year via requesting interest from this forum but I ended up having to postpone as my son was just too young then. He's 5 now and we've been practicing on some bang around WLtoys vehicles. Now ready to work into mini-z's.
Interested in sets you are wanting to part ways with. Not looking for anything outrageous or modded/rare. Just something that works and is around the 100-125 range.
Let me know if you are interested in offloading some of your underused readysets.
On a side note, wish there were some folks in Austin TX who were into these. None of the hobbyshops locally stock anything and there doesn't seem to be any groups on the forum from local.


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