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herman 2010.08.30 10:39 PM

square rims - pictures
hi folks hope you can help out with this...

thus far, i believe that square makes the most beautiful rims... as a general reference, i was wondering if square rim owners can post pictures of your square rims along with the bodies... so that we can see what rims go well with what type of body... was also hoping that you could put the model number of the rim along with the pics...

lemmie start...

bbs ferrari cup challenge SKM-007JS (Silver)

inch up bbs version SKM-107HS (Silver)

Chicken Little 2010.08.30 11:30 PM

How do we get these rims? They look sOoo good.

herman 2010.08.31 01:00 AM

thanks c.little... haven't seen anything better...
i think the shop still has some... for more info see links to the square site here and here haven't purchased a set in quite a while...

herman 2010.09.01 10:32 PM

pls feel free to post other square pics... :D

Felix2010 2010.09.01 11:14 PM

I don't own any but I do agree that Square makes some of the finest alloy wheels for Mini-Z. Too bad they're so hard to come by...:(

The BBS Inch-UP's are my favorites, and on the 360GTC.... Perfect.:)

color01 2010.09.02 04:01 AM

Dang I have to go through some OLD pics to dig these up... :)

herman 2010.09.02 06:07 AM

dang... nice pictures and cars... color01

Pierro 2010.09.02 07:49 AM

Those wheels are so beautiful...

Only problem is to find a (web)shop to buy those...

byebye 2010.09.02 10:27 AM

ub0211042 2010.09.02 10:51 AM

arch2b 2010.09.02 02:06 PM

arch2b 2010.09.02 02:07 PM

arch2b 2010.09.02 02:08 PM

arch2b 2010.09.02 02:09 PM

arch2b 2010.09.02 02:11 PM

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