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Hammer 2008.02.04 09:12 AM

February 2008, $$$ Product Review Contest!
With many cool new products being released this month, including the 2.4GHz ASF System, it is a great time to pick up a free Gift Certificate by writing the winning review for this months product review contest. :D

This thread is for posting links to your product reviews, in the Reviews section at, for consideration in the February Product Review Contest.

The winner for February will receive Gift Certificates worth $10 from Keep in mind, these Gift Certificates can be used to purchase anything in stock at

Check out the Express List which lists products as well as quantities currently in stock. :cool:

Any Reviews posted @ Reviews are eligible for consideration no matter how long ago they were posted. Please enter/link to any & all Reviews you've posted in the past.

All links posted from now until 11:59 p.m. February 29th, this being a leap year, will be entered, providing they conform to the simple contest rules posted in the Monthly Review Contest thread earlier.

This thread is for posting links to reviews only, no discussion. If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the Monthly Review Contest thread which contains general contest information.

The gift certificate for this month will be awarded within 7 days after the contest closes.

We look forward to many great reviews, thanks for your participation. :)

color01 2008.02.24 06:33 PM

Only have one this month Hammer, I haven't really done any part testing for a while.

herman 2008.02.26 04:43 AM

here's a link to my review... (just take the first post - other posts are discussions somewhat...)

below is edited version...
just got mine... here are my initial thoughts...
2.4ghz mr02 pretty smooth in terms of steering and acceleration...

tires were sticky and when you get them dirty the car tends to spin out...

steering was way more responsive...

and i felt that acceleration is a lot more compared to the previous models... (maybe they're due to the two pairs of 3010 fets that are on the new board - although i've just learned of that through reading the forums, i really haven't opened mine to check if it is indeed true...)

detail on asc body... as usual... superb.... but after some reading and looking at some pictures, i believe that durability will seem to be an issue...

kt-18... not as bad as it looks.... programmable and quite simple once you get the hang of things... one thing i do miss though is the dual rate knob that is found on the first controller the kt-2 (i prefer using the kt-2 over the kt-5) if i remember it right the kt-5 does have a dual rate knob but it's covered up and you can't really adjust it during a race...

going into reverse seems to be another issue... sometimes it works, and sometimes, you'll just have to wait a bit till reverse kicks in... i just guess you've got to get the hang of it...

overall... i really think this is the way to go for the mini-z... kyosho did a really good job in coming up with this development..

i just can't wait for the module for the ur-1/helios and the older mars... not to mention the conversion boards for the mr02 and mr015.... and the option parts too...

Hammer 2008.03.02 07:52 PM

We have a winner!
Congratulations herman, you are the winner of this months review contest for your review of the Kyosho Mini-Z Rothmans Porsche 962 C LH No.1 MR-02 LM Tx-Less (2.4GHz ASF) #19022. :D

Thanks as well to color01 for his continued participation, we hope to see more great reviews from him in the future. :)

herman 2008.03.02 08:49 PM

woopie.... what did i win? :D

herman 2008.03.02 09:35 PM


The winner for February will receive Gift Certificates worth $10 from Keep in mind, these Gift Certificates can be used to purchase anything in stock at
oh just saw it... :D thanks :D :D :D

oh and how do i claim it?

Hammer 2008.03.03 08:22 AM


Originally Posted by herman (Post 292658)
oh just saw it... :D thanks :D :D :D

oh and how do i claim it?

I sent you an email through the forums. Please send a response to me directly so I can send your Gift Certificate. ;)

herman 2008.03.04 02:22 AM

response sent via email... thanks very mucho... :D

marc 2008.05.10 05:05 PM

Somebody should do a review on the Dnano next month!

herman 2008.05.11 09:55 PM

would if i could... wondering if somebody can send me one so i can do a review... :D

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