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Felix2010 2010.08.23 02:30 AM

Stock Class Batteries...
Hi guys,

I've heard of pilots over in Japan using Alkaline batteries for stock class. Anyone ever try this? The PN rules list Alkaline cells as legal, but what about the new series of "Lithium" AAA cells by Energizer and so on? These aren't Exactly lithium since they are only 1.5v each, but they are much lighter I believe than Alkaline AAA's. Would these be any good to try with the new stock class being 80t?

arch2b 2010.08.23 12:05 PM

well, by wording alone, anything but alkaline would be excluded. they have more juice since your running 4-1.5v cells. it can get expensive though, tossing a set of cells every 5-10 minutes. not exactly environmentally friendly either.

color01 2010.08.23 12:27 PM


Originally Posted by Felix2010 (Post 391507)
Would these be any good to try with the new stock class being 80t?

Maybe. Most alkalines are very bad at flowing high instantaneous current (and high current in general), so unless those "lithium" cells are specially designed for high-draw applications (don't believe the packaging, most cameras don't come anywhere close to the current draw of a Mini-Z) then they won't be very useful.

Where'd you hear this from?

CristianTabush 2010.08.23 01:22 PM

There is no new 80T class, according to Philip at least.

From what Philip told me, this motor was designed with more "beginners" in mind and also as a way to slow down experts so that they run with 80 turn motors and Sportsmen run 70T motors together.

Felix2010 2010.08.25 12:13 AM

I read this on the forums somewhere in the past.:) Something about how guys in Japan run Alkalines in their Stock-Class in the "Kyosho Cup" type events i guess - The events where only Kyosho stuff is legal.:)

I just meant for Stock Class in general, 70t or 80t. Sorry if I misspoke.:o

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