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kryten 2008.02.04 04:39 PM

Kryten's gallery
I started off with this
which soon became this
Specs are (All alloy is GPM)

Alloy front servo/gear case,Blue
Alloy steering assy
Alloy 1* tie bar
Alloy 1*knuckles
Alloy front shock mount
Alloy rear shock mount
Alloy rear gearbox arm mount
Alloy rear gear cover
Alloy motor cap/heatsink
Alloy wheeliebar
Alloy front/rear lower arms
Kyosho oil filled shocks
Full ball bearing kit
Alloy 5 spoke wheels(blue and black)
Alloy wheel nuts
I have an alloy front bumper and rear gearbox on order,and an alloy ball diff and titanium main gear ready for when it gets here.
Then it should be finished! lol

then came this
Which became this
Then i got an AWD
My AWD specs
Kyosho front and rear bulkheads
Kyosho ball differentials
Kyosho yellow/green springs
PN Speedy AWD motor
Koysho Aluminum heatsink
Kyosho plastic knuckles (3 degrees front, 2 rear)
Full ball bearing kit
Atomic 2* knuckles for the front
3racing hd swingshaft set,drift tyres.
ATOMIC (#AWD126) SAS Spring-Hardness (OR)
ATOMIC (#AWD129) Toe In 1* For SAS
ATOMIC (#AWD133) Camber In 2* For SAS
ATOMIC (#AWD168) 1.5mm E-Clip For AWD SAS
ATOMIC (#AWD79) AWD Ride Height & Suspension Limiter
ATOMIC (#AWD84) Spring Spacer
Laydown xtal adaptor
98mm chassis extension kit.

and then my son also got an AWD
And to finish off what they look like today and the new autoscales:D

Hopefully next.....MR02's :D

greekone 2008.02.04 04:52 PM

Nice collection so far, I like the green mzm rims.

kryten 2008.02.04 05:03 PM

Thanks very much they are black anodized rims painted by my son.:)

xoxide 2008.02.04 06:43 PM

Gee that skyline looks farmiliam.:rolleyes::p

kryten 2008.02.05 08:22 AM

lol i'm glad i bought it now it's a minter :D

kryten 2008.02.09 07:51 AM

collection getting bigger!
Here are the new additions to the collection mine and my sons MR02's the 360 is mine and the FXX is his.

And this is how the collection looks now!


kryten 2008.02.15 12:10 PM

Just had these delivered today an F430


And an Enzo


I have a compressor,water trap and paints/thinners.Just waiting for my lhs to get my airbrush in and then they are in for it! lol

wight 2008.02.15 12:29 PM

Very nice.
Will that enzo shell fit straight onto your fxx chassis without changing clip/wheels?

kryten 2008.02.15 02:48 PM

I've not tried but i'm sure it will it's basically the same body just a couple of cosmetic changes.

mk2kompressor 2008.02.15 03:45 PM

the fxx clip is alot thinner at the end than the normal enzo;)

kryten 2008.02.15 07:40 PM

I stand corrected :D they are both right here too......just to lazy to check! lol

kryten 2008.02.20 08:29 AM

Got my airbrush today!
hopefully i'll get to play a bit over the w/e.

kryten 2008.02.20 10:53 AM

Just had this arrive in the post new HFAY car
Thats a dog hair on the back end....dunno how it was only out the box 2 mins lol

kryten 2008.02.21 11:57 AM

SAS kit came tof the AWD today. Other than the E clips being a bit fiddly,i dunno what all the fuss is about! Only took about 20 mins.

kryten 2008.02.22 11:21 AM

My new wheels came today.:D

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