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marc 2007.03.04 11:49 AM

Post images of your MR015
Post images of your MR015 here, I'll go first.
Next to come, a set of red GPM battery clips, and red GPM rear shock. Oh, and of coarse I need a red GPM motor gear.

bnwhtlw 2007.03.04 12:18 PM

I can tell you that you like to look at your cars as much you like to drive them...your chassis look really good.

As it looks like you need a new HM mount and Im guessing your not going to get a blue could still get a blue one and then use this stuff

Scroll down...looks like they have some anodize remove that works very well
For examples of this:

You could probably buff the larger surface areas to a shine or find a local body shop that could sand blast it with some REALLy fine sand to bring out that high shine alloy. Id probably just buff as you dont want the sand blast to accidentally throw off the finely machined tolerances.

edit: Or you could try to find a local anodizer to match the red your looking for.

Just a thought and a tip.

Sorry to go off topic with the first reply. :)

marc 2007.03.04 12:27 PM

Not a problem and that's exactly what I was thinking about doing. And your right, I enjoy looking at theme as much as driving theme. I like to take one out, put it on the coffee table while watching tv and look at it from time to time.
I was thinking about getting a silver Atomic motor mount, and having my local machinest anodyze it to match.
But right now, I'm working on parts for my Micro-T so I can't afford any Mini-Z stuff at the moment. Just ordered a bunch of Hot-Racing alloy for the tiny truck.
Thanks for the links, I'll have a look at'em.

byebye 2007.03.04 12:49 PM

What's with the tape?


marc 2007.03.04 12:57 PM

The tape is used to keep the cap tight and the motor from popping off. Without the tape, the motor would pop out enough to stop the car. So, until I have a better motor mount, the tape stays. I don't like the way it looks, but it works and keeps me running.

byebye 2007.03.04 01:00 PM

So you must not have all the spacers or it's just broken I assume.

Still a nice bunch of red parts.:)


marc 2007.03.04 01:01 PM

Hey, it's whatever came with the car! I didn't change a thing, but I'll look into that possiblity. They could have put the wrong one in. Thanks, it is a nice bunch of "read" parts, I agree. ;)

byebye 2007.03.04 01:05 PM

Fixed ;)


bnwhtlw 2007.03.04 01:20 PM

liquid rc has the MR01 motor mounts in stock...comes with all the spacers.

What motor is it? My atomic stock never fit in my RM.

marc 2007.03.04 01:29 PM

It's a stock motor at the moment. But I plan on getting Atomic's "red" Chilly motor when it's available.

HammerZ 2007.03.04 04:20 PM

If it was me, I would use a few silver parts to help show off the red parts better. I did up my gen one Xmods that way. Red for the inside parts (diff holders) and silver outside (control arms) to catch parts of the red. I think it's better than everything red. You have a good start with the silver wheels and red nuts, just continue that inside.

I will go through my pictres and may post mine up soon, I don't have the alloy parts on mine yet.

marc 2007.03.04 04:45 PM

I like it the way it is thank you. That's what the clear chassis is for is to brake up the red. Imagine if it was the clear red chassis and all red. Actually, that's what I want to eventually do for a 360GTC MR02 chassis.
But hopefully I can get my hands on a red HM alloy motor mount.

bnwhtlw 2007.03.05 12:17 AM

Marc, I have a question.

Your running 4 wides. What is your off set in the front and rear?

I think I know the answer already. Compared to the MR02 the front axle spacing is 2.5 mm shorter right? So are you running zero front and back?

I just want to make sure, cuz I have some ideas.

marc 2007.03.05 09:06 AM

Hello. The wheels are 0 offset all around. Front's are narrow, and rear's are wide. The rims are from TopCad and they were my very first alloy wheels purchased ages ago. The tires are GPM and work very well. The front's do look a tad wider than normal narrows, but I think they are still narrow up front. Either way, 0 offset all around.
So what's your ideas?

hrdrvr 2007.03.05 10:05 AM

With the front lowered and some black nismo wheels :rolleyes:

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