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SuperFly 2019.09.06 11:47 PM

EVO Stock motor pod width?
Does anyone know if the Kyosho MR-03EVO Mini-Z W-MM Brushless Chassis Set (12000kV) has a standard width (32mm), or LM width (36mm) pod/ball diff?

EMU 2019.09.06 11:59 PM

It is the standard MM pod and differential.

SuperFly 2019.09.07 12:11 AM


Have a R246-1351B MML Motor Mount and disc damper/oil shock combo, want to use in on the new EVO I have coming in the mail.

Will also need to get an LM width ball diff shaft to make it work.

Since I've never needed to try, are PN and Kyosho ball diff shafts interchangeable?

EMU 2019.09.07 12:52 AM

I haven't used the new kyosho differential yet, but I would assume that they are interchangeable.

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