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NoBrainer 2013.08.27 06:44 AM

ZRound v1.12 Build 18

Free practice in Le Mans start mode can be configured to automatically be restarted
Starting lights system receives "STOP" command when then race is over

ZRound Manager

Copy/Paste enabled on log page (into the view race details window)
Racer's registration history update optimized

I get runtime error (at 7:39)
The source file is corrupted

zround 2013.08.27 03:36 PM

Yes, the package was corrupted. I have uploaded (and tested :o) the new installer and it is ok.

Best regards,


NoBrainer 2013.08.28 03:30 AM

Ah great.
Now it works. Thanks Jesus

NoBrainer 2013.11.24 06:13 PM

Jesus, how can I change the color combination on the second monitor?
We have a monitor for this purpose but we need some more contrast to see the number.

The main screen is ok, since we have it close to us, but the secondary monitor with the "show / Hide monitor" I just get the standard blue background.

Can you help me?

quazster 2013.11.26 05:12 AM


At Z Racers we have black background with white texts. Works like a charm!

See you again at may 2014 in Z Racers Open, Vesa is already stocking up for more juicy meatball surprises ;-)

NoBrainer 2013.11.26 05:48 AM


Originally Posted by quazster (Post 448661)
vesa is already stocking up for more juicy meatball surprises ;-)

i don't dare to eat at his place ever again!!!!!


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