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BitChar-G 2018.04.24 11:17 AM

DSlot43 Body on dNaNo?
I read somewhere that the front slot is the same but supposedly the side clips are at a different height?

I've never handled a dNaNo or Dslot43 body. Are the side clips like Mini-Z? Can a simple de-glue and re-glue of the side clips allow for a Dslot43 body to fit a dNaNo properly?

Minizorro 2018.04.25 06:45 PM

i dont know what the dslot clips are like.
What i can tell you is that itís the front clip the real pain, so if you know that the front clip is the same, then you should be good.
The side clips are very easy to DIY, I made a few custom bodies and made my own sideclips really easily with some cutting from plastic kit, just got old of some random old Injection mold sprue and cut a couple of L shaped frame corners.
The side clip, on the car chassis, is simply a little hole. So your body side clip needs to be some sort of cylindrical pin pointing inwards, very simple.
For another car ive also succesfully used velcro for the side.

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