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Wolf 2007.12.13 05:03 PM

Hurda Challenge Race Series
Hurda Challenge
In 2008 TGR is launching a new race series which focuses on promoting open class racing.
HURDA CHALLENGE is an independent race series with the following base rules

Two wheel rear drive car
Max wheelbase = 98mm
Max tire width = 11mm
Minimum weight = 160gr
Motor = 130 Size brushed
Cells 4XAAA

As it can easily be noticed this race is not for only Sinister. We welcome all cars to race in this series.

All races will have minimum prizes of;

1 x Sinister PRO
1 x Spinner
5 x Hurda

Moreover each A Main driver will considered to be qualified for TGR Invitational Grand Prix which will be held in Istanbul in September 2008

Current Confirmed Countries for the races

If your country is not listed and you want to have this race in your country please contact your dealer or hurdachallenge at tgr dot

Stay tuned for updates and expansions on this new exciting event of the year.

arch2b 2007.12.13 06:37 PM

dc club is interested as mentioned, we just need to coordinate the event with our club schedule for 2008.

mk2kompressor 2007.12.13 06:57 PM

should be very interesting,especially with the prizes involved :eek:
cant wait to be a part of it ;)

Red Team 2007.12.14 02:47 AM

We are interested as well...I'll send you a mail soon !

Later edit:
Mail sent...waiting for details !

Wolf 2007.12.16 09:14 AM

I've visited our test track today and tok some pics from the pits to show some Hurda bodies in action.

Red Team 2007.12.16 11:52 AM

What offset should be used with the Hurda body on a MR02 chassis?

tudor_47 2008.08.08 02:32 AM

wat going on with the HURDA challenge?
any thing happening with the HURDA challenge?

how did it go in all the qulifying races?
whos going to the finals?
Are the finals still on?

Red Team 2008.08.08 07:42 AM

We had our races here in Bucharest and we have our winners who supposed to go to the final in Istanbul in September but I'm afraid that if we don't know the exact date at least few weeks before, we won't be able to make it.

if any of you have any kind of info about the final in Istanbul, please let us know, thanks.

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