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Felix2010 2008.09.21 09:38 PM

pinoyboy - I like how you went with a matched set of TSR cells for your MRCG's battery pack. It might be more expensive making packs from matched cells, but I would think that this would prevent the pack from having a "weak link" cell. IMHO, if you are going all-out and building the best 1/28th scale hobby-grade chassis possible, why skimp on the battery pack by using non-matched cells?

Well done pinoyboy. I like your car - A Lot.:D

EMU 2008.09.22 12:28 AM

I group my cells by capacity. I get over 850mah 1a discharge with my both of my TRP 900 packs. I discharged all the cells before making the packs as well. As long as they are relatively close in capacity there really isnt a big problem with using unmatched packs, plus you get 2 packs for the price of one.

Hank is cheating as well, using a battery tray :p

The car looks good. Lets see it get a little dirty ;) Time to tear up some RCP.

JR 241 with Mini-T servo saver should fit perfectly for a 98mm setup.

color01 2008.11.19 04:45 PM

Long-awaited update:

The aluminum parts have been in for a while, and PN is going to go pick up my CF parts on Monday! Which means that after a very long delay -- I duly apologize... moving the college in the middle of this process has not been conducive -- the first MRCG kits will finally be shipping out from TinyRC very soon! I've seen the parts and the quality is waaay up there; so for those who preordered first, I again apologize for the wait and guarantee that the cars will be well worth your time and money! ;)

Btw, for those who went to the PN World Championship: these first MRCG kits will have clear anodized aluminum instead of the orange pieces that PN used on his demo car. A shiny natural aluminum finish was my original intention and I hope you guys will like it too. :)

Thanks everyone!

arch2b 2008.11.19 06:22 PM

i look forward to seeing pictures!

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