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Davey G 2011.05.20 07:47 AM

DG Designs Custom Shirts
DG Designs is now offering custom t-shirts. These shirts are high quality name brand (GILDAN) with any logo or image you like. Prices start at $32.00 per XL or smaller T. Any color print is available, many different color shirts to choose from, a full list of shirt colors coming soon.

Below are a few examples with estimated pricing.

$25.00 (small logo front, large logo back)

$30.00 (large logo front, large logo back)

$35.00 (several logos front, 1 large logo back, 1 sleeve logo per sleeve)

Davey G 2011.05.20 10:51 AM

Here is another one for George Fabbiani also known as "THE SLAYER"

Davey G 2011.06.01 04:53 PM

You dont have to have JUST logos on your shirt anymore, now you can have graphics too. Incorporate your logos and your paintjob into a t-shirt. Like this one for LFISMINIZ:

lfisminiz 2011.06.01 06:49 PM

:eek:...Man that looks good in my colors........;):D

Davey G 2011.06.09 09:43 AM

Shirt for Jim Gruszecki:

VAzRACER 2011.06.20 06:47 PM

Just got my shirts from DG today, I'll have to post some pics later, although they wont do them any justice. These T's are AWESOME!!! The design, logo's and quality are all amazing. Another top notch product from DG Designs.


Davey G 2011.06.21 09:13 AM

Thanks Matt, Glad you like. Here are pics:



Davey G 2011.07.01 03:00 PM

Really happy with these navy blue shirts for EMU:

EMU 2011.07.01 05:52 PM

Shirt looks awesome :) Cant wait to get it.

lfisminiz 2011.07.01 07:48 PM

Looks good Dave/Eugene!

EMU 2011.07.17 09:38 PM

So, my shirts were shipped to my parents place (still had that address in my paypal). My mother liked the shirts so much, she demanded that I let her have one of the two that I had made. So, now I have to order a couple more, and make sure that I change the shipping address to my current address :)

The pictures do not do the colors justice. They look much better in person :p

Any thoughts about custom hats?

Davey G 2011.07.18 10:29 AM

YUP, I can do custom hats. I am thinking I will only stock 1 color for now though. I was thinking flat billed, fitted, in black. Anyone have feedback on what color?

Hoodies now available!

Davey G 2011.08.09 09:15 PM

I had a lot of fun doing these shirts this week. Enjoy!

4 for EMU

1 For Larry Frey

1 for Shafiq

EMU 2011.08.10 06:35 AM

The color variety looks good... I bet that I will stand out at race events, since almost everyone wears black shirts. :p That lime green really catches the eye...

Davey G 2011.08.14 01:36 PM

Very happy with this shirt for JUNIOR:



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