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optimaforever 2013.02.17 01:25 AM

MZX323MA Mazda 787 LeMans 1991 No.56
The first LM series.

optimaforever 2013.02.17 01:25 AM

MZP323AP Mazda 787B No.18 '91 SWC Autopolis
the next one, 787B

imxlr8ed 2013.02.17 02:16 AM


Originally Posted by Traveler (Post 441822)
Maybe once imxlr8ed is done with the F1 dummy chassis HERE :confused:

Next up... I promise! I'm almost done with it but I'm just trying to add a more realistic touch suspension-wise.

Man... love the first Subie, I had one for the longest time then I think I gave it away at one of our events.

optimaforever 2013.02.21 02:31 PM

MZX323RE Mazda 787B LeMans 1991 winner No.55
the famous 1991 Le Mans winner!

optimaforever 2013.02.21 02:32 PM

MZP323T Mazda 787B Test Car

optimaforever 2013.02.21 02:32 PM

MZP323 1991 Le Mans Mazda 787/787B quatuor
finally a shot with the 787 family! :D

trexflyer02 2013.02.21 10:47 PM

#55 and #56, my two favorite 787B :)

herman 2013.02.22 01:12 AM

another set of great shots... :D

optimaforever 2013.02.25 04:39 AM


Originally Posted by trexflyer02 (Post 442666)
#55 and #56, my two favorite 787B :)

Yes, they're great looking bodies!

Originally Posted by herman (Post 442672)
another set of great shots... :D

Thanks herman :)

optimaforever 2013.02.25 04:40 AM

MZP329KR Kouros Sauber Mercedes C9 No.61 LeMans 1987
Now I tackle the Sauber C9 series with the first one, Kouros Racing 1987.

optimaforever 2013.02.25 04:41 AM

MZP329AG AEG Sauber Mercedes C9 No.62 LeMans 1988
The second one, AEG Olympia 1988...

optimaforever 2013.02.25 04:42 AM

MZP329SM Sauber Mercedes C9 No.63 LeMans 1989
And of course the LeMans 1989 winner car, Sauber Mercedes Official Team Silver Arrow 1989.

herman 2013.02.25 04:59 AM

hi optimaforever... again nice pics... was wondering though if you experienced any clearance issues with the tires and the rear fender...
sorry for pic size... that's what it looked in the autoscale case... yuck...
and this is what i did to remedy the 'look' click here i also noticed the same thing with the mazda bodies... but from your pics... they look good, clearance wise... what did you do?

optimaforever 2013.02.25 07:40 AM

Hey Herman,

Actually I think all the C9 suffer from this problem.
The clearance and the tires offset issue is a headache for each Autoscale.
Usually I remove the rear damper, loose the T bar, and remove the front suspension coil springs. That's for the clearance issue.
Then for the offset, I add washers on the shafts. But here this isn't enough.
The rear clearance is too huge to get rid of it with the usual fixes.

I don't race nor drive these cars so it's not an issue for me but what I did is:
1. dismount the dummy chassis
2. remove the front body clip from the dummy chassis (2 screws)
3. mount the dummy chassis upside down (that is, with the bottom turned above)
And then the clearance becomes kind of OK.
Of course, you can't store the Autoscale in this config, because the attach gets too far from the screws on the bottom of the Autoscale box.
My purpose was just to get the clearance OK to take pictures...

herman 2013.02.25 08:55 AM

thanks for sharing your great tip... kinda relieved to know that i'm not the only who noticed it… just a bit annoyed that kyosho missed this simple detail on such wonderful looking cars...

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