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BitChar-G 2017.04.23 12:29 AM

Japan Mini-Z Cup Classes and Rules in English?
I've been trying to find Kyosho Japan's Mini-Z Cup rules in english and have had almost no success. I have the original Japanese PDF (will link below). Someone must know the class rules in Japan?

If not, does anyone read Japanese? Basically want to know the classes, restrictions, race format, etc.

Official Japanese Rulebook PDF:

arch2b 2017.04.23 10:36 AM

I too have been looking for english translation copy to better understand how Kyosho JPN is integrating the newer tech into their classes.

BitChar-G 2017.10.28 10:05 AM

Bump from the past!

I actually spent a day going through the 2017 rule book and figuring it all out. The class structure is pretty good, reminds of my Tamiya Championship Series, but better divided for newcomers and different classes of drivers.

Most interesting change for me for 2017 is the Rally class has been changed to Drift class. This only affects the permitted bodies in the class, Impreza and Lancer bodies can still compete, but the rules no longer mention other rally bodies :(.

The classes are divided similar to real auto racing in Japan (ie Super GT bodies can't run with the sports cars, class with Super GT bodies can run the 12000Kv motor, etc.).

I'll post a proper English translated chart when I get around to it, but don't hold your breath.

In the mean time, if you have any questions ask away!

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