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unclearty 2021.09.01 05:58 AM

What's better....mah or voltage?
I've bought a new analyzing charger...begun going thru AAA batteries for upcoming racing season. If I'm running stock..brushed motor...which is more important...MAH or voltage?

SuperFly 2021.09.02 05:46 AM

internal resistance

unclearty 2021.09.02 06:48 AM

what would be considered GOOD for a AAA battery?

SuperFly 2021.09.02 11:39 PM

New AAA NiMH usually have an internal resistance <100mO. When mine hit about 350-400, I use them for my controller.

To better answer your question, and probably tell you something you already know, but mAh = how long they will last, and voltage will give you torque and top end. Internal resistance has to do with how efficiently they can dump out their power. To the best of my knowledge. MAh can also indicate how "hot" a battery will be. 750mah cells are often very fast up front, and have a noticeable fade over their span, where 900-1000 mah cells don't seem as punchy at the start, but maintain a more even level of output, and usually for a longer span.

unclearty 2021.09.07 07:05 AM

Thanks for your help!

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