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hpgod 2010.02.09 12:07 PM

Anyone ready to race again please post?
The track is always setup. If anyone wants to run a HFAY of bigger track race let me know. I keep a 2 wide L track up all the time and can expand it to 9x17 tiles in a few minutes. I am running HFAY time trials until ATL MINIZ picks back up.

Have a new miniz and just want to try your car on the track. Call and come on by to get in on the fun.

email during week
home phone 6784568725

I plan on running some race out of town at mrytle beach and NC this year since ATL miniz is slow. I run 4-5 days a week on the track and would love to have someone besides my 3year old to race with.

pinoyboy 2010.02.09 12:14 PM

I'd be interested

pedrocamp 2010.02.09 12:35 PM

Hope to see you guys in NC, we are going to host 2 or 3 Carolinas Cup events this spring/summer including the Diablo. Guys from Ga can attend...

hpgod 2010.02.09 02:55 PM

Pedro let me know the dates when they come out. I plan to attend if I do not have a family commitment such as birthday. My wife loves charlotte. I used to race 1/10th and 1/8th offroad there all the time.

Hank do you wnat to run saterday? I am open to run anytime but 10:20 to noon as that is when my daughter has swimming. I can do evenings also.

PS you run a 430Gt yet?

russp 2010.02.11 09:59 AM

Sorry guys. Just not into a racing mood right now. Keep posting what you are up to. I'm really busy building planes at the moment. I'm getting into EDF foam jets. Fun stuff. I am willing to race at least one HFAY season per year though.

I'm heading down here in March:

cosmicsoul 2010.03.08 05:04 PM

Hank and Hpgod are you all planning on running the enduro at MB?

You all should put a team together and run! Bring a couple of your ATL peeps with you as well. Nothing like a road trip to peak interest!

hpgod 2010.03.09 12:08 PM

I am 100% in for the Enduro. My wife and kids will be coming for a 3 day weekend at the beach/waterpark. Hank said he would run it with me but I have not talked with him a ~ 1 month. Till then I will be running daily on my rcp track.

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