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vincentimes 2017.10.01 11:39 AM

Atomic SZ

page atomic

arch2b 2017.10.01 11:49 AM

interesting. I like that Atomic also has received boards that are ASF compatible. who would of though that we would be relying on aftermartket to maintain a consistent frequency system vs. kyosho :rolleyes:

Felix2010 2017.10.05 01:15 AM

Very, very nice Atomic. Well done.

herman 2017.10.10 08:57 PM

Interesting... so how do you connect the servo, motor and battery (power supply)? Through the plugs i.e. Plug and play? Was wondering if atomic has an option of soldering the other parts / wires from the original board onto their board. Do they have a brushless board as well?

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