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You need to adjust the tweak for your H plate. That is why the car is spinning one way. You said it spins to the right, so the back left tire is getting more traction than the back right. Unscrew the front spur-side screw 1/4 of a turn, then try it again. If you need more, unscrew it again until it is out 1/2 a turn. If you still need more, unscrew the back nonspur-side screw 1/4 a turn. What you are doing when you do this is transfer the weight from the rear left tire to the rear right tire so an equal amount of weight is distributed to both tires evenly. Nothing will cure the problem of a tweaked H plate other than adjusting the actual H plate itself. I've seen H plates so bad that just unscrewing the screws won't help. They even had to put washers under one side of the H plate.


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