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Talking 10th Anniversary!

I'm really excited to announce that today is the 10th Anniversary of! It's been a long and exciting journey, and I can't begin to recount or catalog all of the experiences we've had along the way. I was looking back through old threads, trying to pick some of the funniest, most insightful, most touching posts etc. - and I just got lost - there were way too many! I've made so many great friends, attended so many cool events, and had so much fun as a result of this hobby, and much of that has been due to and the subsequent network of Tiny RC sites.

Today we are kicking off a year-long celebration - we've got all kinds of exciting things planned - some of which we'll be revealing shortly - you may have already noticed a few clues around here and there…and there's lots more to come. First, I wanted to invite everyone to share a memory or say a few words in this thread - hopefully in another 10 years we'll be able to look back at these posts with the same fond memories and nostalgia as some of the classics we've shared…

Also, just wanted to post a few "remember when" moments courtesy of The Internet Archive:

It looks like it only goes back as far as 2001, by which time it seems we were well on our way - check out the old home page - lots of exciting News!!

Perhaps the first ever on-board Mini-Z cam?

Check out the "Featured Rides"

Shop! (oh, and look, the new logo - thanks Ken Mifune! )


Forums (hey look, herman's online! ):

More recent Forums (almost 42,000 posts, and a banner ad! Fovea3d, who helped with the updated site header and MZR10 logo, was online at that particular moment too! Look at the Last Post column for some other classic member names! ):

2005, and there's a new design, and Kyosho have apparently announced an AWD Mini-Z?!

I'll cut myself off there - please share your memories by posting to this thread, and keep an eye out for other threads tagged with "MZR10" (hint: you can click the logo in the upper right any time to get a list) - here's to another great decade!!!
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