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Limited Edition Red MR-03W LM Chassis Set

Kyosho Mini-Z MR-03W LM RC Chassis Set with Chase Mode (2.4GHz ASF) - Limited Edition Red

If you didn't receive the email or see the post, the shop here has obtained a quantity to sell the very limited edition Red chassis set! I'm told we will be the only shop in the U.S. selling them from K.U.S.A. (not imported from JPN via alternate channels) which ties in to the sites 10 year anniversary ver well.

I've already placed my pre-order so the remaining number is getting smaller. given the very limited production run of these kits, i didn't want to miss the opportunity. I'm also waiting for confirmation on tthe total production run quantity which is reported to be at 1000. Considering Kyosho's min. unit order, this is indeed a limited run.

I'll be sure to post pictures when it arrives.
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