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It's not actually a bad deal... in Japan

A normal chassis costs 10,290 yen at the absolute cheapest and the red on is selling for 16,170 yen. If you bought all the optional parts separately, the red chassis saves you a bit of money. You get a bearing set (2,000 yen), a tower bar (671 yen), wheel nuts (450 yen), an X-speed motor (1,200 yen), a ball diff (2,680 yen), gold terminal chassis (1,500 yen), narrow and wide tie rod sets (540 and 540 yen), and long kingpins (1,130 yen), and an oil damper (840 yen). Of course you don't get any of the regular parts (chassis, gear diff, etc.) as replacements, but it's still a decent deal.

If you're really into collecting chassis then I suppose you can just hold on to it, but I think it's just a set that is truly "ready-to-run." Just slap a body on it an be done with it -- kind of thing. It's a shame they left off the rear friction damper though...

No one is sold out of those here in Japan despite the Japanese people's weakness for all things "limited." Maybe there's just too many of them? Sucks that everyone outside of Japan is getting gouged...

As a side note, everyone who bought a 5,250 yen new years mystery bag (***ubukuro) got a red MM motor case.

EDIT: ha ha ha I didn't know there was an auto-censoring system

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