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Narrow front end parts are included.

As well as a MM/RM/HM length diff shaft. And a red RM motor case too. So it is a complete 03 chassis set with all red parts, even the c-clips are red! You don't get a narrow carbon tower bar though...

I don't think it's being marketed as a collector's item, Kyosho even states that you save 5,100 yen on parts with this "value" set in their advertisements. I would think that a collectible item would have a higher price than normal. (No doubt the profit margin on this item is higher than a normal chassis though)

Kyosho tried to play the limited edition card once by charging a ridiculously high price on the special edition AWD boardless chassis. No one would touch them. Stores ended up bundling them with boards, bodies and KT-18s just to get rid of them.

I don't really see putting together a similar setup from a non-special chassis kit, spending more money and not feeling guilty for paying more. Even if you used third party parts*, it would be close in price and lower in quality. Most of Kyosho's pre-tuned chassis like the JSCC cup edition, r241 US and this red set are good value at Japanese prices.

The next chassis I'm going to get next month or something will be one of those and I'll recommend them to anyone other than pure beginners. I know the situation is different in different countries with exchange rates and importing costs, etc., but I think you guys are getting gouged a bit.

*The only easy parts to get are Eagle Racing. Only a few shops carry Atomic and only one online shop carries PN.
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