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I couldn't find my decals, so blt is missing out I thought I had a whole sheet of them, with only a few of the removed, but it is MIA.

Also, just for some perspective form one racer, I thought about entering one of my cars in this. It didn't come out as good as I wanted it too, and there was my lack of MZR stickers to complete it any way. TBH, if the car I was painting when this contest was going on would have been one I would typically race, and not a specialty body (hatchback), I wouldn't have even considered doing this. I used to be big into painting and modding, but lately its all about the race. I put my time into detailing the chassis instead of the bodies these days, and lately have even been keeping paint to a bare minimum to save weight and time.

Good luck to any one else who gives it a go, but in all fairness Arch's car is definitely worthy of being the MZR display for a LONG time! That is one of the nicest theme bodies Ive seen!

LET's Go Racing!
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