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That's a nice paint job Luke, I have some MZR decals I found the other day, so you still have that reflex wing you had listed in the Market Place. I would be more than happy to trade.

If not I'll send them to you anyway just cause I am a nice guy and Landon left you hanging. Send me your address and I'll get them to you on Monday!
Hey Jay! It's cool, I actually got some from the shop here. Thanks for the offer though.

As far the falken comment, I always liked the design. I used to like drift cars more then race in 08 and that's when I found falken existed...local PN driver painted a lot of his bodies with the true falken colors and it looked so cool.

I can't make the paint perfect with spray cans (not into airbrushing..) and I figured red and black would look cool. Plus it's the colors of the track I go to. Some people call my car "moving track" lol