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Hey guys, so about this caster kit...

It doesn't adjust any characteristic of the car at all. I have seen it sold as "caster kit" and "adjustable front end kit". I see how it is an adjustable front end kit because you just remove the top plate and can replace the springs very easily. However, That is the only thing different from the stock bulkhead. Unless there is something I am missing, which I'm pretty sure I'm not, this kit doesn't change / affect anything on the car.

I fooled around with it for about 30 minutes and couldn't see how it could possibly change anything. The kingpin holes are exactly where they would be on the stock bulkhead.

** edit: I know someone's gonna ask... that is a dummy servo case, no internals. That's why my steering is all funny. My ESC is getting the internal turbo upgrade done, and the servo is kinda hooked to it! I just wanted to build up this front end kit and see what it was all about. **


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