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Originally Posted by schoeffe View Post
Can you show us the body with see all the modifications ?

Sure thing -- I did all the main cutting before paint: the front bumper has been trimmed upwards 4-5mm, and slammed to the ground, then the rear was mounted and I cut the side skirts as level as I could. Rounded off any sharp corners on the bottom just in case.

The rear bumper was cut out as well, following most of the car's natural lines.

You can see how all four tires tuck -- definitely not the case on the stock Mosler.

And then after paint, there was a little more cutting and grinding to clear the rear tri-shock.

That's about all there is to it, this Mosler and the 599 are the two bodies I have the easiest time not traction rolling with, by virtue of slamming the front end way low.
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