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3004 vs 7389 vs 74xx

hi, i'm new to FETs, just wonder which is the best fet among 3004, 7389 and 74xx(forgot the rite #), i'm now using 4x3004, with a turbo and x-speed, it runs ok, a bit faster than just turbo and x-speed, i found the power band seems to be more linear now, just wonder should i add more 3004 on it, and will more fets draw more mAH? one of my frd use 6x7389 with turbo and x-speed, and it turns that his car gets more punch, but the turbo is very hot and the batteries last shorter then mine, so does he needa use 3004 or 74xx, or 7389 cant be use with turbo?? (* we are from Vancouver, not much ppl and shops here into mini-z)
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