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Here are some more details of my car setup for anyone interested. This has been a stable, reliable setup that I have not changed for a couple years. Adjustments to track conditions are mainly done with tires, and occasionally will adjust camber if needed.

PNR2.5W chassis (before this chassis came out had the same setup on an MR-03 chassis, so everything else should still be applicable)

MR-03 EVO or MR-03 VE-Pro electronics

Rear end:
- PN V4 98-102mm LCG motor pod, #1 spacers with hole down
- PN V3 Ceramic Ball Diff, 64pitch
- PN disk damper system with both disks, disks and plate wet sanded with 3000-5000 grit paper. Blue spring on bottom, green spring on top, evenly preloaded. 40wt silicone oil.
- PN black carbon #4 T-plate
- No rear shock

Front end:
PN Double A-arm
- Hard yellow springs for high traction conditions, green for lower traction conditions
- 5.2mm spring cups to prevent knuckles from popping out
- Caster at 0.9 degrees (washer on both sides)
- Camber at 2/1.01 degrees static/gain, lower settings for high traction conditions.
- +1 degree AA arm tie rod
- in high traction conditions will use the Marka brass weight cover shown

+3 offset rear wheels
+2 or +3 offset front wheels (+3 in high tractions conditions to prevent traction rolling)

McLaren MP4-12C GT3 body with PN Lexan windshield and custom rear wing
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