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I've been playing with TTS and Colors and this is what I've found:

Text To Speech

- When English language is choosen at setup time, there are some settings that are not loaded properly. It is not your fault, it's me. . ... It's because there is a default text on the installer and it should be "empty". I don't change tts custom settings at install time if they are already defined to prevent override custom setting with software updates. Next release will include the setup fix.

These are the affected texts:

You can "restore" defaults to English using the "Default" button.

I've found another bug . The "voice" selection doesn't work. You must restart the application to work with a new one. I've solved for next release.

Please, let me know if it works.


First, make sure you edit zround.ini before starting zround. Youa can see the exact location of the configuration file at startup.

I've tested your settings and they show as expected (and I don't like them ). I've just edited zround.ini and copy/paste the values to my [MONITOR] section.

Here your values and explanation:

If you add the entry:


Then the background color will be black (ColorFondoMonitor). As you have defined a black text color for even and odd lines (ColorLetraMonitor and ColorLetraMonitor2) you won't see nothing. You should change this.

And here the documentation and examples link:

It may be I include them on settings as well to avoid editing the file ... some day

Please verify you don't have two [MONITOR] entries on zround.ini file. The order where you put the key/values doesn't matter, all of them are take into account if they are between the first [MONITOR] line and the next section name.

Decimal point

I've tested on English and Spanish regional settings and it worked. @NoBrainer, could you please tell me the regional setting do you use and your selected voice?

Best regards,


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