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Sounds liek some one is giving you the shaft... they are all using NIMH while tricking you into using Alkalines...

there is 100% NO REASON to use ALKALINES AT ALL.. no benifit in any way shape or form... price, run time, or speed are ALL better with NIMH...

1000 hours of Alkalines = 1000 sets of 4 Alkalines at a cost of 1.50 each, or $6.00 a set, or $6,000 every 1000 hours of alkaline use.

With NIMH your only looking at one set of NIMH for 1000 hours of life time (or more) for a maximum cost of 2.75ea cell (and thats over priced) *4 cells for $11 + around 30$ for a Rayovac PS4 1 hour charger your lookign at a big whopping $41.00...

I think 41$ cost less then $6000 dont you? thats a lot of parts for the Mini-Z heck thats a whole second mini-z for a guest car, and 5 or six sets of extra batteries for each one, and two chargers.. and then some....

They have no reason to use alkalines... just give 4 ppl a set of YOUR NIMH and race.. hahaha.
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