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Originally posted by 2G2GOLDENSTRAT
micro racer is fun for a while.....but the overland is more versatile......
Yea right... Mini-Zs of all kinds are motorised toy cars
Micro's are Small racing thoroughbreds

The Micro is everything that a Mini-Z is not, except small.
Scott is on the money when he said the Micros are cheaper to hop-up. They are too. They are also very robust.
They can be expensive if you migrate to tweakable chassis and Micro eletronics. All that stuff costs.

The Zs are fine for indoor stuff, or at least the Overland is, the Racer and F1 battle with carpet and beg for traction on wooden and tiled flooring.
(I speak from experience as I own 2 Overlands, 2 Racers and 2 F1s)

Mini-Z Racers and F1s do not enjoy asphalt, unless its smooth and your prepared to sweep the area prior to doing a run. The smallest piece of gravel or pebble unsettles the Zs with ease.
The Micro is a great parking lot car

The UberMod is back in town...
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