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Originally posted by Mondo

Mini-Z Racers and F1s do not enjoy asphalt, unless its smooth and your prepared to sweep the area prior to doing a run. The smallest piece of gravel or pebble unsettles the Zs with ease.
The Micro is a great parking lot car
In all fairness the Micros and even 1/10th TCs requre the surface to be clean to perform at their best.

No a MiniZ will not do well on a parking lot. That would be like puting a Micro or TC on an off-road course. Any RC can be wrong for the enviornment they were not designed for.

That's why it is important to consider how and where the vehicle will be used when formulating the answer to "which is the best?".

There is no one answer to "which one is best" without knowledge of how and where it will be used.

My TC3 is IMHO the best 1/10th touring car. But it would suck on a MiniZ track with two foot wide lanes.

All these little toy cars are neat and fun in the enviornment they were designed for. We have lots of choices we can make. That's a good thing! But any choice made without thought to how and where it will be used can lead to disapointment with any of them.
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