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New Product Information- Kyosho MHS ASF Compatible 2.4GHz Full Range RF TX Module

Kyosho MHS/ASF Compatible 2.4GHz Full Range RF TX Module

This 2.4G RF TX module support both the well-known Kyosho ASF system and Kyosho's innovative MHS (Mini-Z
Hybrid Spread) system. This module is designed to convert any transmitters with PPM output to have the ability to
connect Kyosho ASF/MHS micro racing cars. This is also a full range module allows you could control your ‘Mini-z’
cars in 150M range in open space.

1. Kyosho 2.4GHz ASF/MHS Selectable on board
2. High performance CPU enhance precision control feeling
3. 4 channel support
4. Micro size (30x20x5mm)
5. Ideal for converting any transmitter with PPM output
6. Operating Voltage 3.7V – 9.6V:
7. Weight: 10g

Package Included:
1 x 2.4G ASF/MHS RF TX module
1 x 1.5mm 6P JST plug with cable
1 x 2.4G Antenna
1 x 2.4G 3DBI Brass Tube Antenna
1 x 2.4G 3DBI Module Antenna

Press the “BIND” Button and power on the RF module, it will enter BIND mode

Make sure antenna is connected before power on, power on without antenna connected may damage the PA unit.

Wire Connection:
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