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RCP cleaning/dirt


I'm from a belgian club and we would like to get a brand new RCP track for our new local. The kyosho-dealer says at the boss of the shop that a RCP track will be easily degraded if people walk on it or don't care of it. And so, the boss isn't very keen on buying one...

Here's my questions:

1)How to clean RCP, I saw that a good vacuum can do this and in case of more "serious" traces a mop can help if not too much "watered". Can you confirm? Or give trick for us who are noobs in RCP?

2)This track will be in a public room of a shop. And so, not only our club will be able to go and ride on it. We know that our members will be caring for not to walk on the track, but we can't be sure everyone can respect that.
(Even if a red pannel says "Don't walk on the track")
And so, what about the dust/dirt that this type of actions can leave on the track? Can we wash it easily, or will the track be considerably degraded by this?

Thanks very much to whom may answer!
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