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i'd like to say i remember it like it was yesterday but honestly, 9 years +, it gets a bit fuzzy this was while i was still in college full time, working part time and building my family as my youngest son was born 10 months earlier.

for me, it really took off with the release of overlands. i jumped in head first with all sorts of custom parts like roof racks, light bars, etc.

i couldn't even show my first post or thread started as the results only seem to go back 500. that only gets me to the spring of 2010. i'd need to go back much more than that

thank you david for creating this place and thank you to everyone whom has made it a 'home' of sorts for me. there were several years while in VA that is weas just me, my toyota vitz and the parking lot out front to go with my posting on MZR.

congrats to MZR and hope to see many of you in the next decade as well.
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