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Originally Posted by michvin
Taking address off the site doesn't prevent people from going to closed shop
Posting an ad on the same site saying that you're closed for summer - does
All of our members know that we are now a seasonal raceway. The two summers that we were open know one from out of town ever showed up during the 80 hours 7 days a week that we were open.

Originally Posted by herman
planning a trip to the u.s. (going through chicago, ny, west va and san fran) and just thought that i might want to drop by...

but since you're closed, i don't think it would be an option...
I wish you would have planed your trip last summer then I would have had some one to race with for a day (it was slow).

But if you like bitter cold, snow and wind chill then plan your next vacation in New York State during the winter. Thatís when people look to get out of the house and race mini-zís here.

The two places that race during the summer are

FRANK'S Trains & Hobbies
3910 Tampa Road Oldsmar,
FL 34677
Phone: (813) 855-1041

Itís hot in FL in the summer so people stay inside and race mini-zís and they race year round there. 40+ racers.


Tom Thumb Hobbies.
460 Wilson Rd. Columbus,
OH 43204.
Phone: (614) 274-5150

They get cold winters and nice summers like us but they do have summer racing and 40+ racers in the winter. They are a year round hobby shop but Iíd call to see if the mini-z racing is going good this summer.

Originally Posted by michvin
There is a track in Brooklyn, my friend owns it, but i haven't heard from him for 3 weeks now, so i don't know what's happening. Of course, i can provide all the info. When are you planning your visit?
Iím guessing he is starting to realize that he has a seasonal business. Thatís your local shop and you have not been there in at least 3 weeks maybe he is now closed for the summer.
Originally Posted by michvin
Taking address off the site doesn't prevent people from going to closed shop
It prevented herman from showing up
Some say were going to fast. Maybe we are, Maybe were not. Who's to say? Do you want to race or dont you? I want to race. (Dale Earnhardt Sr.)


Click here to see MINI NASCAR stile racing Video.

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