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Next GTG:

Sunday, Aprill 22nd

This one will be in Langley.

Spencer Green
21138 88th Ave., Langley
Buzzer #: 289
>>Google Map<<

Track setup is @ 9am, Racing by 10-11am & break down for around 4-5pm.
This weeks layout will be determined at the time of setup.
I have a base to go by but we are going to try & use my adapters so we can run both 30 & 50cm track.

Most people are showing up closer to 11 or 12, come out earlier if you can to help setup or at least start running!

A small request, please try to bring the correct amount of $$ with you.
This room is larger so our layout will also be larger.
Unfortunately with the larger room comes a bit higher entry fee.
This GTG will be $10

The Club House is right at the entrance in front of you when you enter.
Press in the code #289 for the clubhouse.

Make use of any parking spot that is labeled guest & is clearly not someone's driveway.

Take my Cell # down and bring it with you in case there are any issues:
Ryan: (778) 988-3425
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