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Originally Posted by NoBrainer View Post
This is all new to me and I need a place to ask all the questions...
Using Win7 32-bit and ZRound 1.11 beta 4 with these questions.

1) Best track record:
Is it possible to keep track records separate?
Like, if I store "Hometrack" as one track. "Officetrack" as another.
Then when I get a new best lap time for "Hometrack" it gives me a sound.
And when I use "Officetrack" and beat the track record it gives me a sound.
But I won't get "Track best lap time" before I actually beat the best time for this track?
What I get under "practice" now, is a lot of "track best lap time" sounds just because it won't consider what my best time is for this track.
And when I start I'm always getter better the 3-10 first laps and I get that sound all the time, but I have not beaten my best track lap time. Just for this event.
I actually requested this from Jesus like 1.5 years ago but he is to lazy to put it in (Just joking, he's put in like a billion things on my request )
Anyway, I have an excel sheet made myself wich does it for me. You can save a trackrecord you just did, or restore one if you ever use the same track again. But you have use excel for it.

Altough I havent used it for a while, I'm sure it still works.
PM me your email adres and I'l send it to you in a mail.

About the robitronic. I never have to go to the menu to click connect. If you set it up once and save the config it will start itself next time. You simply have to use the same com port each time. Even if you use an USB adapter always make sure you use the same USB port on your computer. Because using a different one assigns a different COM port to the adapter. Then the light is green as soon as you start the race manager.
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