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I have no clue what you are doing for the next release, but here comes some questions....

Is it possible to hide the "techinal" window when practicing?
The lower left window with all the technical stuff.

Is it possible to get larger fonts? Adjustable font size would be awesome for my use.
I use just a 42" LCD and from 4 m the text gets a little small. I don't use HD since my slaptop don't support HD resolutins.

Under "ZRound Settings" -> "Sound" -> there is 2x "best own time". Is there any difference between them?

When enabling "Speech", I get "Anna" to tell me the best lap times etc. But she says "6201 seconds" and not "6,201 seconds". Is this possible to adjust this??

The folders you make and the file naming. Is it possible to get that in english?
I found what I was looking for, but it was just guessng.

Can't say how much I love this software. Just great work!!
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