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Smile My I-Series MR-02 Conversion.

I thought I'd post the process in converting my I-Series to the MR-02 chassis. When I saw the PN MR-02/MR-015 Front Tower Bar Conversion Set I knew I wanted to try this for myself so here's how it went.

I prepared the MR-02 chassis by snipping off the king pin holders with a pair of diagonal cutters then, after protecting parts of the chassis that might be damaged with duct tape, I filed the remaining portion of the king pin brackets flush with the chassis.

I pulled the I-Series PCB & servo from the original chassis and installed it in the MR-02 chassis.

Time to start installing the PN parts to continue the conversion.

A shot of the Front Tower Bar Conversion Set installed.

I started with a 9 tooth pinion, this pic shows that there's a lot of clearance left between the T-post and the motor for installing larger pinion gears.

A few pics of the completed chassis.

Finally the chassis with the #29 body.

I haven't had too much time to run it yet, but what little I have it seems very smooth and stable. Hopefully I'll have time to really give it a good hard run soon.

For general information, here's a Parts List.

MZF203GM MR02 Chassis Set
MZ202 MR02 Small Parts Set
MZ203B MR02 Front Suspension Parts Set
MZW207 Top Damper Set
MZW50 MR015 Tie Rod Set
MZW206 Ball Diff Set for MR02/MR015

PN Racing:
MR2015 Front Tower Bar Set
MR2010 MR02 Stainless Steel King Pin
MR2052-15 Camber Steering Knuckle 1.5 Deg
MR2056 Front Spring Cup (3 pair)
MR2058 MR015/MR02 Front Racing Suspension Spring Set
MR2099 Motor Mount
MR2033 MR02 Graphite T-Bar Set 4-6mm (3 pieces)
MR2061 Multi Length Graphite Disc Damper Set
400309 Racing Alloy Pinion Gear 9T
16570 Mini-Z Racing Dry Bearing Set - 7 Pieces

2x4mm Button Head Stainless Steel Hex Screws
2x6mm Button Head Stainless Steel Hex Screws
2x6mm Countersink Stainless Steel Hex Screws
2mm Alloy Lock Nuts
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