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Originally Posted by leonabi76 View Post
Like I mentioned on another thread, Fovea, you've inspired me to pick up and dust off my skills. Do you use Accutrans to check for watertight meshes?
I use what Shapeways recommends, Netfabb

This is also what they use to accept/reject a model.

Their interest is that a model is the thickest/using the most amount of material while I prefer having a shell light, thin and cheap. It ends up with such conflicts where they ask me to make a section thicker, hence increasing the overall price for the print. They even recently changed the rule of "0.7mm minimum thickness" to "0.7mm but increased thickness for models longer than 120 mm"...

This is what they sent me, saying the body is not thick enough for its length... Arch2b will tell you thats not true

I protested saying it printed OK the first time and sent them the pic of the painted green one, now cross fingers they wont reject it in the future.

Keep in mind that when the model is 0.7 mm thick, it will cost the double with 1.4 mm thickness.
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