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Originally Posted by mleemor60 View Post
If you are working with a "sports" series Mini-Z chassis then the IT-4 or Kyosho 432P transmitter will bind directly with the chassis. Either radio has separate protocols for FHS and FHSS.
No I'm planning to buy an atomic BZ 2017 which comes with no tx/rx, so I need a small rx that works with a flysky transmitter (or absima cr4t transmitter, those are clones).
The absima cr4t works confirmed with kyosho sports series (with some software settings altered)

Or should I go for one of these when I want to use a FlySky FS-iT4/absima cr4t transmitter:

https://www.banggood com/Mini-Flysky...p-1097424.html

these digital protols are pretty confusing.

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