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You should've bought your stuffs at RC-champ or Futaba at Akihabara.
yeah i know... my wife and i were in akihabara... got the map even (
it's a long story that i don't want to even start... sigh...

But keep in mind Kyosho must be paying outrageous rents for the shop. Paying list prices on parts ain't too bad compared to the kits. I know what kind of area the shop is in.
yep... thus my statement... "to some extent it was quite unfortunate that the prices were as marked on the package… so i guess kyosho is doing a good job of protecting their distributors… that plus i guess you have to pay some sort of premium on things when you have a store in upscale omotesando (this isn’t the place to buy things as your wallet will definitely take a beating)…"
i can't begin to imagine how much rental rates are in that area...

Nice report and pictures though.

Does the shop carry rare and hard-to-find parts such as Batmobile; various F1 cars & parts, etc...?
hmm... now that you've mentioned it... i didn't recall seeing any batmobile and other movie cars i.e. mad max, back to the future, etc... as for the f-1 i did see parts and 2 body kits though (schumi and david c. - 2004 version)

Nice job herman. Very good pics. The new nsx bodies look sweet.
thanks, and wish i could've took better pics... as for the nsx...yes indeed they do look sweet

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