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Cool Hopups list.. help me out here

Hey all this is my first post yea im new hehe well ive had a Z since about when they first came out yea its been fun but so far i have these hopups :

-Degree Tires.
-Audi TT Body.
-Some engine mods and wiring... made my own antenna also.

I've compiled a list of things i need and this is it so far any help on telling me what i wont need and what i will is appreciated :

-CLK Body.
-2 narrow and 2 wide dish wheels.
-Narrow and wide foams.
-Powerline balldiff.
-Minipower replacement wheel for transmitter.
-Oil damper by Powerline.
-Toe-in aluminum tierod by Powerline.
-NiCads (350mah).

I dont have my scanner working so i cant scan some pics of my Z to show you it so far sorry but as soon as i fix it ill post some.

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