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First Hopups

This question has been asked a thousand times, but the point of this thread is to try to make sure it's not answered ever again. Hopefully...

All new Mini-Z drivers like to know what their first hopups should be. Here are my thoughts, any additional input is welcome. Conflicting opinions openly welcomed.

Phase I - Bare Essentials (Best bang for buck, probably required to make a competitive racer)
  • Tires
  • Bearings
  • Carbon H-plate (MR01/MR02)
  • Damper System

Phase II - Good to have. Helps fine tune handling. Higher Performance.
  • Ball Diff
  • Toe In-Out Rods
  • Camber Knuckles
  • Springs
  • Upgraded motor

Phase III - Durability for Mod Racing and/or Bling
  • alloy motor mount(s)
  • Ti Damper Kits
  • Alloy Knuckles
  • Alloy or Ti Dogbones (MA-010)

For a little more discussion and a couple of links, you can reference the full article on the mini-zracing blog.

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