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My turn. All I have to say is that I accept being banned too and I accept my responsibility for why I've been banned. I'm an outspoken unfiltered passionate individual and I know darn well I piss some of you off. I probably deserve this at least on some level.

I think the root of this problem though is that my conduct is perceived as unacceptable by a group of individuals who also have unacceptable conduct, [strike] except those three won't ever admit it. [/strike] I retract that statement. Steve and Grant yes, but Derek will admit his faults when he's cooled down.

But I think that is what sets me apart...I do actually have the capacity to check myself and realize I'm partly at fault. Steve, Grant, I can't say I've ever expected the same from you. You two are so quick to jump down other peoples throats but unwilling to even consider if you might be part of the problem too. Derek at least has a handle on the fact that he pisses people off. You've given us permission to tell you to shut up but I've yet to take that liberty.

Steve, I've got a broken McLaren F1 body that you are at least 50% responsible for. I've never gotten an apology and I do believe your exact words after the incident was that I was "an idiot" for even suggesting you are partly to blame. You wouldn't even meet me halfway. Funny how when you get a body stepped on you stomp your feel and scream until you get it replaced, but when you smash my body during a practice session you decide that you get to be judge and jury and call me an idiot. It's too bad Ryan bought you a new body because you obviously didn't deserve it. If you're going to call me out for a bad attitude, you too need to be having a look in a mirror. That was most un-sportsman like conduct and had we been doing any kind of real racing at any kind of officially organized event, your behavior would also been unacceptable. I could have had a meltdown and gone home like you did but I'm a bigger person so I let it go and continued racing, even though you'd already ruined MY day by insulting me for an accident that was half your fault. It could have been defused by accepting half the blame. I was pulled off to the side and I was off the racing line, and I'd alerted others to my presence. I'm not sure what else I could have done but no, obviously I'm the idiot and you are 100% correct. If you get to say that "everything I have posted is 100% truthful, factual and is exactly what happened" than so do I, and factually you smashed into my stationary car off racing line and then blamed me for it. You also have a bad attitude.

It's insane that I've been called out for cheating when there are no rules to cheat. Derek says he's sick of trash talking but then asks if he should continue berating gyro users? Berating people is trash talking. I've had a target on the back of my head ever since I joined this club and I am pretty sure I'm going to get picked on and then blamed for complaining no matter what I do.
How can you guys dish out so much BS but then get so angry when you're called on it?

I've even had my looks made fun of by at least two different members. How low do you have to go? That's so far beyond acceptable but I've been the bigger person and let it slide. And you guys can't let a gyro go? You feel the need to bring up your body being stepped on every time you see Ryan? Sheesh! Let it go guys.

I think this parting of ways is probably best for all involved. This clubs culture is utterly toxic and I need a break. I implore Grant, Steve and Derek to carefully consider their own conduct before being so vocal about other peoples. I admit I'm half the problem, but will you guys?

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