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Originally Posted by NoBrainer View Post
This is all new to me and I need a place to ask all the questions...

1) Best track record:
Is it possible to keep track records separate?
Like, if I store "Hometrack" as one track. "Officetrack" as another.
Then when I get a new best lap time for "Hometrack" it gives me a sound.
And when I use "Officetrack" and beat the track record it gives me a sound.
But I won't get "Track best lap time" before I actually beat the best time for this track?
What I get under "practice" now, is a lot of "track best lap time" sounds just because it won't consider what my best time is for this track.
And when I start I'm always getter better the 3-10 first laps and I get that sound all the time, but I have not beaten my best track lap time. Just for this event.
Not yet. If you change the layout you should "delete records" to prevent wrong announcements. It can be done in the "drivers" view.

In my club it is the same. We use to change the layout several times a year and we must to "reset" the training lap times each time we do it. I will add soon the layout managing feature in order to control what times are registered in what layout.

Originally Posted by NoBrainer View Post
2) Spanish:
"Drivers database" -> "Add" -> "Car properties" -> "Flag" -> then I get everything i spanish. Could you please make it in english? I get it to work, but I don't understand what I'm doing... hihi like thats something new.
OK. I will check it.

Originally Posted by NoBrainer View Post
3) 1 race competition:
If I just do a lot of training and then want run a 8 min race.
Not a championship. Do I have to configure a championship? Or can I register the drivers somewhere? Just for one race?
You can setup a "single" race. You must register into ZRound the racers who will run and click on the "flag" icon (start race). A description and a filename will be asked in order to save the times. The race duration, start mode, etc. must be configured as desired from the ZRound race control panel.

If you want to manage heats and mains you must use the Championship manager and create the championship before defining the race. I use to have a championship where I put all single races to prevent to have a champ. for each race.

In my club we use to go to practice some days. We like to run "little races" with some of those people. There is no heats and the results are not archived, simply we run and fun. There is an special way ZRound can work and it is improved in the next release ...

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