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Thanks guys!!

I don't use Excel, so I don't need that sheet.
It's not hard to keep track of best scores, but since my slaptop and robitronic probably is going several places and with different track layouts, it would be nice to just use ZRound to keep track of it.

Often it's when you practise you get the fastest laps. But then again, I could just start a 7 hours enduro....

I have just tried to fix my bridge. It got a little to big for my small track, so now I have to test if it works like it should.

And Jesus, I think you have done a great job on championships. But the training lacks some small parts. It's just a great program and works like charm.

LED, I first tried it with Lap-Z. Tested so many things. So it might be somethings that still are "recorded" somewhere. That might be the problem.
Maybe if I reinstall everything, it might just work.
The COM port don't change, but I still have to activate it. That's why I might like the idea of just "press button" to active it from the front page. Same with "de-activate". If you're doing something to the bridge.

I'm new to this, so I'm figuring out what I need and ask Jesus to take a look at it.
If he don't want it, it's his program and he is free to do what he wants. But if my questions maybe gets into the ZRound, maybe it helps others??

Of to check if my bridge still works...
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