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Originally Posted by mk2kompressor View Post
hi Richard,
brown,black,red=100ohm,i tried to take pics of it but my camera is crap
its connected to one of the outer legs of the pot(i dont think it matters which leg)
Hi mk2
I did buy a couple brown, black & red colored resistors.
Can you PLEASE tell me???, if the resistor on your Fut-s3106 was directly soldered to one of the outers legs of the pot and then the servo board wire to the resistor, been the resistor a bridge between the pot and the board wire, example; Board--Wire--Resistor--Pot.

By any chance, do you remember if the resistor was solder to the left or right outer leg of the pot looking at the pot from the backside?

I really will appreciate this info, since I am planning to add the resistor as soon I go back home.

Advanced thanks!!!!

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